Welcome back to 1821 Summit Road weekly notes, minutes and updates!  Keep fruit and greening in your diets and thinking.

News:  Everyone likes fruit and the representative standing up for green once – a – week and in person on Mondays.  Thanks for the feedback.

Wish list:  Volunteers, donations and input.  We want to make Lettie’s Freelunch Plien Air events a regular summer event/ project.


         Zweets is a new corner penny candy store located at People’s Corner in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Zweets sells handmade ointments:  Shea Butter and Black Soap at prices $2.00 +.  Stop in and say hello to the owner and her help when passing through.  Its a nice place to grab a nice cold bottle of water for only $1.00.


Lettie’s Free Lunch would like to thank these supporters:

Inspections Group Midwest

O’Reilly’s Auto Parts

Midcity Executive Center and…


There is lots to do for Lettie’s 1821 Summit Rd Free Lunch Plein Air.  Call 513.391.6739 for information, details and a volunteer application soon!


Free Lunch Developer: WCPO Interview Web Link

Highlights Magazines are for children ages 0 – 8th grades.  Low prices.  Monthly rates.  Yearly rates.  Call Lettie at 513.391.6739 today.  Great activity for kids that kids love parents for. 

Try Highlights!  Your kids will love ’em!

Wednesday May 8th:  FREE LUNCH!  1821 Summit Road.  Come one come all for your 15, 30, 45, and or 60 minute breaks and lunch breaks!

1st Friday after 5pm January – December 2012
With Lettie!

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